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Audio is HOT. Think about it: the growth of podcasting and audiobooks has been incredible in the last 5 years, and more and more people are choosing audio as their preferred way of consuming content. Whether its in the gym, on the commute to work, or while walking the dog, people are listening to audiobooks everywhere you look and you need to take advantage of this opportunity while the market is still growing and not overcrowded.

Remember blogging 6 years ago? If you had a blog you could easily reach countless people online. Nowadays, everybody has a blog (literally—there are millions of blogs online as of 2014) and competition is fierce. Get on board now with audio BEFORE everyone has an audiobook!

Our talented voice artists are professionals who can record your eBook into an audiobook that you can distribute on your own website or upload to All audio that our company produces is guaranteed to pass the stringent quality standards of and will be delivered to you in MP3 format.

FREE OFFER: If you want to know the ins and outs of audiobook recording and how the entire process works, simply follow this link to download a free copy of my bestselling book "Recording Audiobooks".

PLEASE NOTE: We welcome the opportunity to record books longer than 15,000 words, but please contact us in advance so we can discuss turn around time and pricing. Thank you.

Can't afford to invest the money right now for your audiobook recording? No problem! We offer a 50% discount on our voice recordings in exchange for a royalty share of your audiobook profits as well. Check out our Audiobook Royalty Share Page to learn how to publish your audiobook and save on your production costs!

Below you’ll find a description for each of our male voice artists. Click on the Samples tab and you'll hear their voice samples. Please note that the rate for each artist do vary given the degree of experience each artist has with voice acting. If the option you need for a specific voice artist is not available then kindly contact us at so we may provide you an accurate project cost.

You won't find a better value for talented voice artists anywhere!

Check out my feedback from my customers on Fiverr--a 100% positive satisfaction rate!

Ordering Information:

In order to provide you with the best quality recording, we will need you to fill out the following Google Form which contains the essential information we need to provide you with the best quality audiobook. Once we receive this information, we'll provide you with a raw sample of your book so you can give us feedback on tone, mood, pitch, speed, etc. That will help us tremendously so that we can truly bring your book to life!

Google form:

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