Upload Your Audiobook To ACX / Audible


Need Your Audiobook Uploaded To ACX (Audible's uploading platform)? Don't Struggle With Their Complex System--Let Our Team Do It For You! 

Audio is HOT and if you have your own audio files recorded, make it easy on yourself and let our upload the files for you. Our team has uploaded dozens of audiobooks and a few months ago, we were responsible for 10% of ALL books uploaded to Audible in a month's timeframe. We are ACX experts!

Most importantly, however, is choosing the right category for your audiobook to maximize its exposure to potential customers on Audible. And, for a limited time, we're also offering to format your cover to comply with ACX guidelines for FREE! 


All we need to upload your book is the following:

1. Your audio files (preferably ZIP'ed into one folder for ease of processing)

2. Your eBook cover (if you have the ACX-compliant square cover, all the better)

PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT responsible if you have recorded your own audio files and ACX rejects the files because of poor quality recordings. If this occurs, please contact us at contact@gutenbergreloaded.com and we can provide you with sound editing services to ensure your files comply with ACX's quality guidelines.

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