Bundle A = Top Shelf eBook Content + eBook Cover


This bundle gives you both my top shelf eBook content PLUS a stellar eBook cover at a price that's 10% cheaper than if you ordered them separately.

NOTE: If you need a book OTHER than a 10,000 word book simply email us at contact@gutenbergreloaded.com for a custom quote. Thanks!

For more information on the Top Shelf eBook Content and eBook Cover products, please click on the links below:

Top Shelf eBook Content

eBook Cover


Please note:

To compose the best content for you, we will need the following information with your order, submitted in two separate files by using "eBook cover" and "eBook content" buttons above. The easiest way to do this is to create two Microsoft Word documents and upload these two documents along with the other required information below.


For the eBook cover we'll need:

1. Title, subtitle, and author of the book

2. Genre of the book

3. The theme or mood you're looking for with the book

4. THREE examples of covers you like off of Amazon.com (please include the entire link so my team can view the covers)

5. Any other helpful information you think I should have


For the eBook itself we'll need:

1. The main topic for your eBook or title if you have one

2. The target audience for your eBook

3. The platform on which you’ll be selling or giving away your eBook (Amazon, Scribd, your own website, email autoresponder, etc)

4. A general outline for the book. This does NOT have to be complex; if you simply provide a subject or topic for each chapter in the book, we will take it from there!

5. Any specific details or facts that you want included in the book apart from what we will find with our own research

6. Any references that you feel we should use during our research. Rest assured, we research the content for every book thoroughly, but occasionally customers want specific resources used as references for their eBook.

7. Your CTA (call to action) for the end of the book (this will be inserted immediately after the text of the conclusion of the book)



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