"eBooks are the business cards of the 21st century"

I'm not sure who coined that phrase, but I'm claiming it as it is 100% true.


How do I know? I know because my own eBook started what you see here today. Here's my story:


About 4 years ago, my twin sons Alex and Drew (who were 4 at the time) thought up an imaginary character named Jubby Jubby Jow Jow, who was a 9 foot tall red and blue circle. I am not making this up.


They regaled my wife Amy and I with stories of Jubby and his adventures, and about 2 years ago, I thought it would be a clever idea and a fun weekend project to write down their stories, have them make some drawings, and publish the book on Kindle:


Fast forward about a year and I hit my second landmark: publishing my own book on Amazon, "Free Time: Hire A Virtual Assistant & Liberate Your Life". I gave the book away to as many people as I could, and then it happened. Someone read my book and was sold--sold on the fact that they too could liberate their own lives with a virtual assistant, and they purchased my $397 Virtual Assistant Locator Service.




I was AMAZED. A relatively short eBook and a $10 cover had netted me a $397 sale. 


This eBook publishing thing was the real deal!


That brings us to today, where I've now published multiple eBooks on Amazon and assembled a team of the absolute best writers I could find, exceptionally talented layout designers and cover artists, and voice talent that can record your book into an audiobook with great quality and affordable rates.


I KNOW that eBooks are the future and Gutenberg Reloaded stands as a testament to that fact. Step into the 21st century and let us help you make your book a reality, starting NOW.

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