& Audiobook FAQ's

* What do you need from me to get my audiobook uploaded to

I'll need the following from you to get your book on Audible:

ACX is Audible's platform to host their audiobooks and they are owned by Amazon. As such, you'll need to open up an account on ACX but you'll be using your Amazon account. It makes it far easier to use the same account that you use for Kindle Direct Publishing as for ACX.

Assuming your book is published on Amazon already, you'll then need to send me:

1. The cover that you used for Amazon if you want me to modify the cover using my gig extra; if you have the ACX-ready cover, please send me that instead. Note that ACX has specific cover standards and you can't use the same rectangular cover that you'd use for an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

2. The book description from Amazon

3. Your login/password for ACX (we can use a secure password service to share this if you so desire)

* What kind of recording will I receive?

When you order, you'll receive the entire book broken down into the table of contents, introduction, chapters, conclusion, opening and closing credits, and a retail audio sample for Audible. The recordings are guaranteed to be in compliance with ACX standards; I have had multiple books that I have uploaded to ACX and therefore I know the standards well. ACX has exacting standards, but your recordings are guaranteed to pass.

Note as well that I can also modify your covers to comply with Audible guidelines & upload your files to ACX for you.

* Do you have any voice samples of narration for an audiobook?

Sure thing. Please visit the product page and you'll be able to hear samples from my voice artists.

* What type of file format will the recording be in? Also, is it possible for you to put all 7,666 words on one file?

The file will be in mp3 format and yes, it is certainly possible to put all the words in one file.

* Can you make an audio recording of an e-book I purchased in Amazon?

Yes, I can certainly do that!

Please know that if I do this, the recording would only be for your personal use UNLESS you've received permission from the author to distribute and/or sell his or her work.

If you give me the name of the book I can get you the word count exclusive of the table of contents, etc--just the introduction, chapters, and conclusion.

* Can I order the audio recording and uploading to ACX at the same time?

Please do NOT order both the "Upload to ACX" and the voice recording gig at the same time, as my delivery of the "Uploading" gig is fast--5 days regular or 3 days expedited. If you order both the "Upload" and voice recording gig simultaneously, I won't have the recording done in time to hit the 5 day mark for the "Upload" gig so Fiverr will punish me for an undelivered order! As such please wait to order the Upload gig until I get the recording back to you.

* Can I have my book formatted into audio and uploaded in Audible even if the book is active in Amazon KDP?

Yes. Having the book in Kindle Direct Publishing Select does not exclude one from having it on Audible since both are owned by Amazon, and I myself have multiple books in both Kindle DIrect Publishing Select AND on Audible simultaneously with no issues whatsoever. It’s a win-win for Amazon to have you in both KDP Select and on Audible.

* Which way should I prepare the files so it is convenient for you to read and narrate them?

Having the files as a Word document is the easiest.

*Would you suggest that I include the testimonials and appendix with the reference literature?

Including the testimonials, appendix and reference literature is a great idea. However, the appendix and references need not be included in the audiobook and instead just printed along the CD/DVD or with the description. The testimonials can be sent as a separate audio recording that you can use to advertise the book.

* How will the recording be delivered?

The recording is usually delivered via Google Drive or Dropbox. It can also be in *zip and sent via email.

* Will you claim the rights of the recordings?

Neither I nor the narrator would claim right to it as it’s your material and we simply recorded it vocally. I have a contract with my voice artist that specifies relinquishing rights to the content.

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