e-Book Composition FAQ's

* Can you really provide me with a quality eBook?

Absolutely! I'll need to know your target audience and the basics of what you want me to cover in the eBook so as to ensure that I give you the best book for your audience.


* What is your edge over other authors here online?


I have:

  • Published over 3 dozen books on Amazon
  • Had several #1 Amazon bestsellers
  • Hired over 2 dozen writers (and fired a handful as well)
  • Culled the absolute best writers for this writing gig here on Fiverr

Bottom line: My product is better than any other writing product online and you’ll be impressed with the outstanding eBook that we can produce for you!

* Can you give me info about what I'll receive in the eBook?

I can write you an eBook that is extremely high quality content of whatever length you choose; non-fiction topics only, however. I would need a topic and theme, target audience, and a general outline of what you want each chapter to cover. Also helpful is any extra information you feel is useful or that you definitely want included in the book (example: If you have a specific call-to-action at the end that you want inserted verbatim or specific facts/figures that you want included).
You get a completed eBook back from me with an introduction, table of contents, chapters, and conclusion, suitable for publishing on your own platform or website or on Amazon. The final eBook is in Word format.

* How long should my book be?

The recommended book length you want depends on what you want to do with the book as follows:
If you're selling it on Amazon for $2.99 I'd recommend a minimum length of 7500 words as a length shorter than that for that price will turn off some buyers
If you're selling it for $0.99 on Amazon, a book of 3000-5000 words will do.
If you're using the book to promote a product/service/your business, then I'd recommend at least 8000 words, as you want to establish yourself as an authority in your domain and this length will allow you to do so.
These recommendations are based off of my own experience publishing on Amazon as well as providing eBooks for people for the reasons above.


* What topics will you write about?

I do books on pretty much anything except erotica. Books on self help topics, inspirational topics, books to promote physical products or businesses, etc. If you have a topic for a book, my team can make it a reality!


* Do you do fiction?

Sorry no fiction, just nonfiction.

* What information do you need from me to write the book?

The simple answer is, "a topic and a general outline consisting of a subject for each chapter plus your desired length for the book".
The more complex answer is that it helps me tremendously if you give me an idea about the purpose of this book. Are you selling it on Amazon? At what price? Are you using it to promote a business? If so, as a free giveaway on your site? Something to accompany another product you already sell? Some other purpose for the book?
That can help me target the content so that it meshes well with your needs.

* What exactly will I need to give you in order for you to create my eBook?

I need:

  1. The main topic for your eBook or title if you have one
  2. The target audience for your eBook
  3. The platform on which you’ll be selling or giving away your eBook (Amazon, Scribd, your own website, email autoresponder, etc)
  4. A general outline for the book. This does NOT have to be complex; if you simply provide a subject or topic for each chapter in the book, we will take it from there!
  5. Any specific details or facts that you want included in the book apart from what we will find with our own research
  6. Any references that you feel we should use during our research. Rest assured, we research the content for every book thoroughly, but occasionally customers want specific resources used as references for their eBook.
  7. Your CTA (call to action) for the end of the book (this will be inserted immediately after the text of the conclusion of the book)

* Do I have ownership of the ebook with me as the author and own 100% of the royalties?           

Yes, absolutely. The book becomes 100% yours and I retain no rights to the book whatsoever nor will I receive royalties from the book.


* Do you do book covers?

Yes, I do! Please take a look at my great covers available here.

* Do you do single books or can you do a series?

Based on my rather extensive experience writing and publishing, it would work really well to do a series of books and launch a new book every 2-4 weeks as this would keep your fan base and your readers expecting something new.

But if you just want one written that's just fine as well!


* Do you do research before you write the book?

Yes, we completely research every book thoroughly, but if you do have resources/websites that you'd like us to reference in the book, please include that with your order.

* Do you design and develop course content for online instructional delivery?

It's something I could likely do depending on the topic and the platform used for the course. I’d also need to know if you want a script for you or a voiceover actor to read or if you want more of a prose style that could serve as either a book or, if read aloud, as a video course.


* Do you have a sample work you could send me?

Absolutely. Just email me at contact@gutenbergreloaded.com and I'll send you a few sample eBooks


* Could you combine different eBooks to make me my own ebook?

I'm sorry, but combining eBooks like that borders on plagiarism--that practice is frowned upon in the blogging world and even more so in the writing world. Rewording these sorts of books--even if it were to be done--would necessitate more or less copying the unique idea(s) that make these book sell in the first place.

* Could you make an ebook out of my Powerpoint presentation (includes voice discussing each slide)?

Yes this is doable but please email me first.


* How much time will it take to complete an e-book?

Time to completion completely depends on length of the eBook and complexity of the subject. A good estimate is to aim for about 7-8 days per 5000 words written. Quality takes time, and there's nothing that will turn off readers faster than a poorly written book.


* Would you have an idea how many words does a book published in Amazon has?

A "typical" eBook on Amazon that is around 25 pages with only 1-2 images is usually about 5500 words as a point of reference.

* Can you write an e-book about a product on Amazon?

Yes, this is something that I could definitely do. An example of my work on a similar project can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Prime-Membership-Information-Potential-Maximize-ebook/dp/B00JFEV164  Its well-reviewed with multiple 5 star reviews (I'd take exception to the reviewer that stated it needs tighter editing, however. I'm a proponent of providing logical information in a easy-to-digest format).


* How long usually is an e-book that I could give away for free in my online store?

An e-book that would be used as a bonus giveway is usually around 10 pages long.


* For this giveaway e-book, how would you suggest for me to send that to customers, through an attachment to their e-mail?

I’ve found it most helpful with my customers to send it as a PDF as MS Word exports a Doc file to a PDF quite easily. If you have a mailing list with autoresponders for your website then you can use aWeber or Mailchimp to send it automatically to anyone who signs up for info from your site, again using PDF.

* How much would re-writes cost?

For re-writes, the cost is 60% of the normal writing rate as the research doesn’t need to be done.

* Does re-write include formatting and suggestions for graphics/picture placement?

Formatting is included so that the final composition looks great on Word and I can send both a Word doc and PDF as the final document. I’ll also suggest placement for graphics / pictures and if you have them, I’d gladly import them for you for no extra charge. Please indicate you want this with your order as a reminder. I’d appreciate your consideration of a tip after all is said and done if I do put in the graphics for you.

* Can you confirm / guarantee that the ebook you have prepared for me is all your original text / words and it does not contain any plagiarism (i.e. direct text / paragraphs from any other authors)?

Yes, the book is 100% plagiarism free. If you choose you may check my work on the objective plagiarism checker Copyscape and it will confirm this fact.

* Will it be possible for you to create other formats of my e-book?

Yes. I could create a full-spectrum publication, which means having the eBook made into an audiobook and a paperback and I also do the cover. Rest assured, this is the MOST powerful way to reach all segments of your market and to truly dominate your niche.

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