Twitter Promotion

If you have questions that are not answered in the description of the Twitter Promotion Package please reference the list of FAQ's below:


* Are the text characters taken up for the link address itself (that is, the link to the book on Amazon) is that part of the 100 characters of text?

Great question. I use a link shortening tool to optimize the Tweet for maximum Retweeting; the link itself will be about 15 characters long.

* How does this work?

You’ll have to set-up a free period for your book in Amazon by clicking on “Manage Benefits in Kindle Direct Publishing. You set-up free promotion for 5 days and then send me the info about when it’s going to be free. Then I tweet it out to about 460000 eBook lovers on Twitter.

* Can you guarantee success with this promotion?

I cannot guarantee success but the elements are in place with this gig to get results. The rest is up to:

    • The quality of your cover
    • The desire of Amazon Kindle customers to buy your book
    • Your ability to leverage the Amazon search engine
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