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Like it or not, we all judge books by their covers. Don't relegate your great eBook to the virtual dustbin by having a poor quality, run-of-the-mill cover. Get a great cover and get your book noticed.

The simple fact about selling anything online is that appearance is everything. Whether its subscribing to a podcast on iTunes or buying an eBook on Amazon, having great cover art is paramount to success.

How do I know this?

Once upon a time, I was a fledgling author and I tried to cheap out on my own cover designs. I relied on sub-par talent and I received sub-par covers. My wake-up call occurred in two steps:

1. I discovered to my horror that almost the exact same cover image was being used by my competitor on Amazon

2. I noticed sales of my books with eye-catching covers were doing great, but sales of my books with "passable" covers were lagging.

Now you're in the same position--don't make my mistake! We will provide you with a superb cover that will catch the reader's eye and get your book NOTICED. The examples here are the same quality that you'll be getting so order with confidence!

Order Information: All orders above include three revisions to the cover. Normal turnaround time with up to three revisions is one week from placement of your order. Additional revisions will take additional time and cost as per below. A revision is any combination of edits to the cover, and edits are any time the text or images are moved, a different font or spacing of the text is used, or any background colors are changed. Example: moving the title + changing the background color = 2 edits = 1 revision. More than 3 revisions are charged at the rate of $20 per 3 revisions.


Please note: I will need the following information with your order. The easiest way to provide it is to create a Microsoft Word document and upload it by the "eBook cover information" above:

1. Title, subtitle, and author of the book

2. Genre of the book

3. The theme or mood you're looking for with the book

4. THREE examples of covers you like off of (please include the entire link so my team can view the covers)

5. FOR CREATESPACE COVERS ONLY: I will need the text and images you want included on the back cover and the spine; remember that spine covers can only have text if your book is longer than 100 pages, as per CreateSpace guidelines. The images MUST be high resolution JPEG images only.

6. Any other helpful information you think I should have

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