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Scenario: You've worked for months on your book and you're finally done. But, even if you think you're ready for self-publishing your book, there is still one more step you need to take if you want it to read like a bestselling author: You need to have your book edited.


If you want your book to read like it was edited and proofed by a big New York publishing house we can help you. We have helped several Amazon #1 Best Sellers with the editing of their books so that their content not only provides inspiration, entertainment, and value, but ALSO reads like a professional!  We provide incredible value that you just won't anywhere else online today.


Any writer will tell you that having a second set of eyes on your work is a crucial step prior to publishing. Don't skip this essential step after all of your hard work and instead let our team of expert editors ensure your book reads like what a #1 Best Selling book should read! We ensure that the text reads well with appropriate syntax and structure. The final product will also be free of punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors, yielding a correct, consistent and accurate work.

Important Distinction: Editing a book is very involved and therefore it is expensive. Envision it this way: Let's say your book is a house you built with your own hands. Proofreading involves noting the errors and fixing them but leaves the whole structure and layout of your house intact.

Editing involves not only fixing errors, but assessing the entire house and when needed, tearing sections of it down and rebuilding it so that it looks better, is more livable, and overall just works better than before. Here on Gutenberg Reloaded, when we edit a document, we do BOTH proofreading and editing wrapped up into one price to make it easier on you!

The prices listed below reflect our work on books that are already of very good quality. For books that are poorly written or need almost the entire book (or house as it were) torn down and rebuilt, we will do the following:

1. Edit the first two pages of the document

2. Contact you with a proposed rate for a complete tear-down and reconstruction of your text. 

This scenario is the exception, not the rule, but we will be up front and open regarding your book and the costs involved to bring it up to the level of quality you need to publish it with confidence.

The final document will be delivered to you in Microsoft Word format with the "track changes" feature enabled so you may review the proofreading marks and the work done.


To order, please upload your book or document in Microsoft Word format using the "Your eBook in Word format" above.

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