Create A CD From Your Audiobook


Why Create An Audiobook On CD? 

As an intelligent businessperson and author, you already know that reaching your readers on ALL platforms is important to maximize sales of your books and content. And, although we live in the age of iPods and headphones, there is still a significant segment of readers who consume books on CD. We specialize in audiobook production, and we now can also produce your audiobook on CD to help you reach that vital segment of readers! Top authors such as Steve Scott are putting their audiobooks on CD, and now you can too.


1. How do I produce the CD and how does this work?
Answer: The simple answer is we do the hard part and you do the easy part. The steps in CD creation are answered with question 2 below, but briefly we supply you with the correct professionally edited audio files and the image files for the CD case. The CD is then produced on the CreateSpace platform; CreateSpace is a print-on-demand company and therefore any time someone orders your CD from Amazon, CreateSpace will "print" and mail your CD to the ordering customer. CreateSpace is an Amazon company so your CD will show up as an option on your book's Amazon page. 
2. What steps are involved?
You'll submit your audio files with your order here on Gutenberg Reloaded. You'll also upload your book cover and text for the booklet, CD face, and CD tray. We professionally edit your audio files to comply with the correct standards for CD's, format your CD booklet, CD face image, and CD tray images/text, and send you the files for you to upload to CreateSpace. For information on how to upload files to CreateSpace, please see this helpful how-to video.
3. What do I get then to upload to CreateSpace?
You'll receive the image files plus audio files.
4. Can you explain all the parts of the CD case and booklet so I know what's what?
  • CD tray inside image/text: This is what you see when you take the disc out of the tray.
  • CD tray outside image/text: This what you see on the back of the CD package.
  • The face of the actual CD: Self-explanatory
  • CD booklet inside: This is where you normally see lyrics with a music CD--you pull the booklet out of the front of the CD tray and it opens up.
  • CD booklet outside: The front is what is displayed in the CD package and back is what you see on the left hand side when CD package is opened--I recommend your audiobook description should be inserted here.
5. What else is included?
At no extra charge, we'll ALSO include a 3D image of your CD case so you can advertise your new audiobook CD!
6. Can I provide my own audio files or must they be recorded by one of your voice artists?
At this time, in order to ensure the strict CreateSpace quality standards are met, we must insist that we only use recordings done by our voice artists. For more information, please visits our male voice artists and female voice artists pages.
7. I still have questions about audiobooks on CD. How can I contact you?
Please email our team at contact at and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

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