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Ever dream of having your own book, in print, in your hands? Or even better, your customer’s hands or your reader’s hands? Can you imagine how it would feel to have your book in print on the shelves of your local library? Nothing is more powerful than having your own book, in print, in your hands. It proves that you’re the authority in that subject area and people will be duly impressed when you tell them that you’ve “written a book on the subject”. Having your book in Kindle format is great, but the old fashioned paperback is still a powerful statement and there's still LOTS of money to be made in paperback sales!

My team will help you make this a reality.

You can get your book in print using the KDP independent publishing platform. However, your book MUST be properly formatted prior to being uploaded to CreateSpace or the interior of your book will look terrible and your customers and readers will be turned off. Don’t let your message get lost in the delivery—ensure your book looks great the FIRST time!


PLEASE NOTE: All of our layouts are custom designs, so please contact us first for a price quote prior to ordering. The price below of $15 for 1,000 words is ONLY a placeholder for our shopping platform.

We also provide eBook layout services, revising your content and laying it out so it looks superb in PDF format if you're selling your book on your website or giving it away on your site. See the examples here for real PDF eBooks that my layout artists have created!


In addition to layouts for Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) paperbacks, we can also create:

  • PDF eBook formatting for use on your own website (see the PDF in our Resources Page for an example)
  • ePub layouts
  • MOBI layouts
  • and more!

My team has formatted dozens of books for PDF layouts and for KDP and we know exactly what’s needed in order to make your book look great. Take a look around and you won't be able to find any better layout available for these prices!

For CreateSpace layouts, your Word document will be properly formatted and you’ll then receive:

The final PDF file that you need to upload to KDP (or your PDF file suitable to upload to your site)

Page numbers on each page

Chapter titles on each page

For Kindle layouts, you'll receive the MOBI file for use with Kindle, as we have found this is the preferred format for Kindle devices to ensure optimal functionality.

Don’t risk having a terrible layout on your book that turns off potential customers and readers—let my team ensure that your paperback book looks great!




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