Perfectly Proofread Your Document


You've just spent weeks or even months writing your book. Do you really want to spend the time proofreading it? I can't think of anything more painful, being a writer myself, and we can liberate you from this painful task!

Any writer will tell you that having a second set of eyes on your work is a crucial step prior to publishing. Don't skip this essential step after all of your hard work and instead let our team of professional proofreaders ensure your book is free of punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. We'll make the proofreading marks on your manuscript so you don't have to!

I once made this critical mistake—I published a book with an obvious error in it on and although the content was great, the error in the book turned people off and that error was noted in the reviews. It was a simple mistake anyone could have made and although I corrected it, the negative reviews persisted and personally I felt as though I let my readers down. I stopped writing immediately and created a team of professionals to proofread my books. I now want to help you out so that you don’t make the same mistake I did!

Important Distinction: Editing a book is very involved and therefore it is expensive. Envision it this way: Let's say your book is a house you built with your own hands. Proofreading involves noting the errors and fixing them but leaves the whole structure and layout of your house intact.

Editing involves not only fixing errors, but assessing the entire house and when needed, tearing sections of it down and rebuilding it so that it looks better, is more livable, and overall just works better than before. 

Please note: proofreading entails correcting spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. If you feel your book needs revision of syntax, sentence structure, and the extra effort needed to make your book into smooth, well-written prose, please visit our editing page located here.

The final document will be delivered to you in Microsoft Word format with the "track changes" feature enabled so you may review the proofreading marks and the work done.


To order, please upload your book or document in Microsoft Word format using the "Your eBook in Word format" above:

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