Record Your Own Audiobook (Scroll Down To Learn Why Audiobooks Are a Must-Have)


Simply put, having your book in audiobook format does two things:

1. It allows you to attract more high paying customers and readers--audiobook consumers are typically well-educated with a higher annual income than eBook readers.

2. It allows you to have a THIRD OPTION for your book on Amazon, and this is HUGE. Why? Basic marketing psychology. When you have only TWO options, MOST people choose the cheaper option. This is one of the major reasons why eBook sales are outstripping paperback sales on Amazon (and the only NOBODY is talking about). When you have THREE options, MOST people choose the middle and higher priced options. So, are you going to have a $2.99 eBook and a $12.99 paperback or are you going to do the smart marketing move, and have a $2.99 eBook, a $7.95 audiobook, and a $12.99 paperback?

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